Campaign For Better Blogging

Submitted by ormiret on Thu, 15/11/2007 - 17:05.

The quality of writing on blogs has grated on me long enough that I have been pushed over the edge and become "That Guy": I have started complaining to the authors about it.

The new media revolution has done wonders to grant a voice to many more people, but in bypassing the role of the editor as gatekeeper to determine worth we have also dispatched with the editor as a force to make sure your writing says what you intended, that the words are spelled correctly and that they are in the right order. This role now falls on the writer, and I would like to encourage greater vigilance on their part to reduce the number of errors making it to my screen1.

Putting extra effort into ensuring your writing is error free and carefully crafting each phrase to say what you want is more than just a way of getting out of getting emails or comments from me2 though. It will improve the flow of the text for all your readers and make them more likely to still be willing to read your blog next time you have something to say. If you are trying to make an argument, it is far more convincing when it isn't littered with errors and doesn't require decoding before it can be understood. If your writing isn't worth your time to proof read: why is it worth my time to read?

I would like to issue a call to arms to others to also point out errors and maybe we can get bloggers to try reading over their text before they subject the rest of us to it - or at the very least to make corrections once they are suggested.

I eagerly await the inevitable3 complaints about errors in this post...

1 It will reduce the errors getting to other people's screens too, but that is just a nice side effect rather than the point.

2 With any luck, also from my army of minions.

3 If anybody actually reads this.

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