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Systems currently in use

A 13" Macbook Air. I like the hardware, I'm not really keen on OS X - but it runs a Debian VM that lets me mostly ignore OS X (Parallels even connects USB stuff through well enough to play with Arduinos and FPGAs from the VM). I'm getting over 14 hour battery life out of it, which really does make me a happy camper.
A Toshiba Z830. My previous main system. Had taken a bit too much damage and got unreliable. Now sits on my desk to display stuff I like to glance at occasionally (IRC, email, video feed from ISS...).
A VPS from BitFolk. Running Debian, hosts a bunch of bazaar repositories and gets used for playing with stuff. Also provides offsite backups for important stuff and somewhere to tunnel to when I get stuck behind a restrictive firewall.
My home router.

Systems now retired:

An Acer 2420. A nice laptop but not as nice and small as uxelecas which replaced it.
Nokia N810 internet tablet.
My previous main system. This is a Dell Latitude D420. Was handed off to my Granny.
A very old Dell desktop. This ran Debian and served as a server in my flat as it had no fans so could stay on all the time without annoying me. This machine no longer boots. It would probably be fixable if I ever get round to looking at what's wrong.
Once upon a time this was my main laptop. This is a Lenovo ThinkPad X61 tablet running Ubuntu (though the last time I tried it wouldn't turn on).
My desktop in the office. It's getting a bit old now (original dual core vintage) but doesn't need to do anything too demanding anyway, it's fast enough to drive a couple of monitors and can usually keep up with my typing. Still set up but rarely used since I haven't been into the office in ages.
This is an HP tablet running windows XP. I used it when I needed to run windows software away from opradur, though not used much now as I've managed to get most of the windows stuff I use running in VMs on other machines.
Headless windows box for development that requires windows.
An N900 phone/tablet thing. Saved me ever having to be without a computer, until the battery goes flat. Now in pieces waiting for me to replace a dodgy touchscreen.


I come up with names for new systems using this random word generator piped through a script to weed out anything that gets results from google until I find something I like the sound of.

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