Submitted by ormiret on Fri, 27/11/2009 - 15:43.

This is a post from my new N900.

I really like this shiny little beast, but do have a couple of gripes about the calendar:

  • The date picker doesn't fit the way I think about dates. It lets you pick day, month, and year from dials which works great if you know the date you want to enter, but I often want to enter events for things like "next Tuesday" and I don't know what date that is without doing some counting (and I shouldn't have to do any counting when using a computer). You can get around that by picking the date before creating the new event but it is still a pain for picking the end date for things that run for more than one day or if something gets rescheduled.
  • Repeating events have only very simple rules. I have loads of events that happen according to patterns like "Second Wednesday of every month" which the calendar doesn't seem to support.
  • The default for events is to have an alarm. I rarely want alarms for events so would like to change the default to be no alarm, but I can't find a way to do this.

The calendar is the only thing that's been a disappointment so far. Everything else I've played with so far is pretty much as expected with the browser being a bit more impressive than I expected.

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