Some cameras may be harmed

Submitted by ormiret on Sat, 07/06/2014 - 17:27.

CampGND is fast approaching so we've started to seriously look at what we can get up to over the weekend.

When I've been involved in running events before the running of the event has left little time for messing around with my own projects. I am hopeful that CampGND will be different - there is a pretty low ratio of visitors to organisers and the organising isn't much more than "Here's a field, have at it."

So, I am planning to work on some stuff.

First off I'm going to be pointing cameras at everyone else if they look like they're doing anything interesting. This should give a few short videos documenting what we get up to over the weekend.

On a similar vein I'd like to get some more interesting shots than can be achieved by me holding the camera so I have plans to make things to mount cameras on to get them to move in ways, and get to places, I can't. These plans are still a bit vague but include kites, and a dolly to climb/follow string that can be strung up to give nice panning shots. First tests of these contraptions will be with a cheap little video camera. If they look safe I'll move onto using an android phone. If I get brave (or drunk) enough I might even try putting my DSLR on them.

I have some plans to try making pizza on the BBQ. This might take a few minutes and produce beautiful pizza or lots of trial, error, burnt dough and many hours. We shall see.

57 North needs a flag. I am going to get some fabric and make one. I might also make a banner from our coat of arms.

I would like to have a go at doing some persistence of vision stuff. If I get through the other projects (or get fed up with them not working...) then I will be looking at making some LEDs spin with control logic to have them make pretty patterns. A bike speedometer thing may be sacrificed to achieve this.

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